If you’ve tried dieting and exercise and only gotten average results, it’s possible you just haven’t found the right path for you yet. That you’re willing to try proves you have the drive though and together we’ll help you achieve your goals.



Injuries can hold you back but they shouldn’t. By focusing on what you can do rather than what you can’t we can help you get in shape while recovering from your injuries. Focused recovery will have you back on your feet and back to your old self.



We offer Semi Private coaching, this means you’ll train with others but with your own personal, tailored programme. Everybody is different and faces individual roadblocks but that doesn’t mean you should have to do it alone. Community is important to our approach, we’re all in this together.

If you’re sick of your lack of progress

If you’re fed up of lack of progress over last while, not sure how to train or eat, confused about different fitness information, We are the right place for you.

We would like to invite for a 2 week trial for just €67 at Foundation Fitness so you can see and experience what a difference training with help of Foundation does.

We can guarantee, that after 14 days with us, you will be a different person. The training experience and no gimmick approach to food will make you more aware about the better choices, which help you to stay on track.

You will feel great difference about your posture, muscle tone and the confidence regular training and feedback provides.

Here’s What You Get With Your Trial:

Your 14 day trial at Foundation includes:


Initial consultation which addresses the main motivation to make a change. Why do you want to make a change is THE most important question we need to ask.


Our movement screen which will help you to appreciate how your body moves. This will help us to make the most effective program to get you to your goals while keeping it safe.


Nutritional guideline, We listen first. It is never about perfection. Step by step process is a way to be able to sustain the lifestyle long-term.

Personal approach is vital as we are all different. Knowing what to eat to change your body will give you more freedom than you can imagine.


1 Personal training session, You will experience 1 on 1 session where the trainer will guide you through your first session and explain you how we in Foundation use different tools to give you body you always wanted.


2 weeks of semiprivate training, you will find that working in small group of maximum 4 people while still getting benefits of 1 on 1 for fraction of price is the future of the training. Great motivation to see people around working towards their goal while having peace of mind about the technique and exercise used.


Daily tips, recipes and different information which will assure that you stay on track. Facebook group, email support and the most important interaction on the floor while training with your peers.


We pride ourselves with 100% client satisfaction. If we were not able to deliver 100% satisfaction for whatever reason, we will refund you.

The only condition is, to be able to make the sessions. We can help you but only if you give us a chance.


Custom program based on your goals, exercise history. We are able to work around the injuries or limitations while making the progress you could never imagine possible.


Extra bonus:  15 minutes FREE consultation with our Physical Therapist if needed.

Everyone has or has had some injury or niggle and it is the part of our system to make sure you will feel better than ever.


We are so confident in our 14 day personal training trial, that if you are not 100% satisfied with the results and progress we will refund your €67

What have you got to lose?


You can call us on:   091 – 76 66 81