Lose weight and still eat the things you love?

Six Pack?

How does it all work ??

As you probably all know, we’ve had the infamous Neil Molly in our gym of late, and when he said he wanted his garlic and cheese chips from Ireland’s favorite fast food restaurant, we of course said yes!

How could we say such a thing, are we not impeccable champions of health, the search for the perfectly balanced lifestyle, eating only the finest of organic and fresh grown ingredients in our back gardens, with the best of renewable energy, whilst reading classical philosophy and listening to Mozart?

Sorry to break it to you, we are in no such way inclined.

Life is for living, the idea of telling someone that they can never have something for as long as they wish to be healthy, and burden them with guilt for even thinking of it, is not fair to anyone, and going to grind down everyone.

Are we trying to say that you should eat whatever fattening foods you desire for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday of the week?
Of course not, everyone knows that would be a recipe for disaster.

But there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying your food, on occasion, when it fits in with your plan.

And that is what it’s all about, having a plan.
Molly planned his fix – as you can see by watching back previous videos, he eats very well when he is out and about, for his breakfast each morning, and in doing so he continues to shave off the pounds and tone up.
He had well earned his treat, and it’s all the better for it.

The way you eat should be a lifestyle you can maintain over the long term.
There’s nothing wrong with having something you enjoy, now and again, as long as it’s in line with what YOU want.
Molly is having ONE portion of chips and going out one evening this week, and the rest of his week will be pretty on point.
This is because he is actively trying to tone up AND lose weight right now.
With these choices, he can enjoy something quite regularly.

What a lot of people fail to realise is changing your diet to be super/ultra clean and healthy, and then rebounding after a few weeks to the way you USED to eat, is only going to bring you back to the way you were before the diet. The term usually applied to such endeavors is yo-yo dieting.
It just happens to be a healthier yo-yo.

So small changes, and small treats.
Keep it under control.
Step by step.
That’s how you get there.


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