Devlin’s Transformation

Devlin hereĀ is one of the guys who’s came to us in recent months, and has made one hell of a difference in a short amount of time!

We love to see guys come in, take the advice on board, and make changes.

Devlin was honest from the get go, and more than willing to take advice on board.
Because if we don’t know where you’re starting from, we can’t give the best you deserve!

His own words say it all:

“Before I came to Foundation, I was lot more tired, I wasn’t happy with the way I looked, was tired all the time, my mood was never great.

At the start it was hard, but it was nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be.
Dead sound, attention to detail is ridiculous.
Even though it’s a group of 4, I like how it feels like you’re getting one on one attention, there’s that level of care in it.
It’s all individual to each person’s needs and goals.
I’m more active and happy, better mood all the time, not getting as pissed off!
It’s a great confidence boost!

I found the routine had a knock on effect on my day to day life in a really positive way, really forced me to get everything organised.

Before I’d just slump out of bed and struggle in to work, now I’m straight up out of bed, with everything ready the night before, more able to tackle the day ahead.

There’s no need to think twice about it, go for it!

I must have spent close to two grand on gym memberships throughout the years, went a total of 10 or 12 times, but as soon as I started coming to Foundation Fitness & Therapy I haven’t missed a single session.

I found them really accommodating, if anything ever came up they would always switch things around so I wouldn’t miss out on any sessions.

Because there’s the routine and there’s someone waiting for me, it doesn’t feel like it’s my time, but the coach’s time as well as the other guys training there that I’d be wasting by not coming.”

If you want to make a change like Devlin, call us on 091-766681 to arrange your first steps, and even easier with our no obligation two week trial!