Alan Fahy

In the past I’ve only gotten empty promises, but here they took things personally.

Alan Fahy

I never had great experiences with gyms in the past, I’ve heard a lot of promises which were always undelivered.
The personal touch was never there.

When I used to go them, you’d get the big questionaire, you’d fill out the issues you had, and the next thing you were bundled in a big class with a load of people, and they weren’t monitoring any of the ailments that they made you put down, which always made me feel uncomfortable.

That was a huge thing I noticed here, they took any concern I had seriously, watched and monitored everything.
And it’s not the only reason I keep coming back, there’s also the craic and the camaraderie, even just the chatting about cars!
And I see the results too, a few little guys appearing in the tummy, I can see myself getting toned, the muscles in my legs.
My biggest issue coming in was being always out of breath even doing the smallest things, I used to get absolutely wrecked trying to wash the car.
Last week I washed by own car, and I had so much puff left in me, but I pulled the wife’s car around and did that after!

Even when the car was out of order, I was killing myself, as I didn’t want to break the habit!

I recommend the place to all my relatives, and they’re coming in, and loving it too!