Brian Hickey

I’ve had back pain my entire adult life, but now I can’t believe how far I’ve come

Brian Hickey

I have had escalating back pain for my entire adult life.

A combination of programming for a living and video games as a primary hobby resulted in a very sedentary lifestyle.
I went to various doctors, had scans and nothing was found to be very wrong with me, I just needed to get in shape to counteract my lifestyle. I tried various group classes in things like yoga, joined gyms but stopped going after not being pain-free within a month or two. I couldn’t stick with anything, I just didn’t have the willpower or faith in myself to recognise small improvements, as I was so used to the pain at this point. I turned to Foundation two years ago to “outsource” my willpower and progress tracking.

Having the trainers at Foundation set my programme and track my progress has been revolutionary for me.

I love the combination of the camaraderie of a class with the individual attention of a personal trainer. I’m not pain-free yet but I can now see progress, I can’t believe how far I’ve come. It will take another while to undo 15 years of self-mistreatment, and it’s still hard to get up in the morning, but even just the fact that I don’t have to think about what to do at the gym tips me over the edge, I never miss a class.