Kerrill Lally

I’d been training hard in the gym for the last year, but just wasn’t getting where I wanted to be.

Kerrill Lally

I’d been training hard in the gym for the last year, but just wasn’t getting where I wanted to be.
I’d be hours there most evenings, not getting home till 8 or 9 most evenings, doing the same routine, and whilst not getting any worse, not getting any better.
I had no real sense of direction, I just thought this can’t be right with all the time I’m spending in the gym.

Just after talking to ye the first day, I knew this is it, this is exactly what I need.

I started, and I could see the first few weeks that some of the things I had been doing in the gym I had been doing completely wrong, where I might have been doing twice the reps in the gym before and found doing them here with the right technique the difference was unbeliveable.
Before with the food, I wasn’t eating much rubbish food really, but again I was at the weekends “I’ve had a good week, I deserve this”, and was wondering why I hadn’t been getting where I wanted to.

In the first two months the weight was constant, but the difference in my body was unreal.
Even again in the last month my weight has dropped down dramatically.
It’s worked, I’ve seen more progress in here in 2 to 3 months than I did in a year in the gym by myself.
I found myself way more disciplined here.
It keeps me thinking all the time, and I’m always aware that if I have something extra, I cut back the next day to help.
I find I’ve much more control over my weekends, that direction was something I was completely lacking.
I’m not hungry, and I’m not eating anything massively different, I still have my Kinder Buenos, Kit Kats, popcorn, I still have ice cream from time to time, but I stage them out, and I’m not missing them because I’m still having them, which is brilliant.
Before if I was eating out, I’d never think, wheras now I’ll think I’ll have this, and how it will fit in to my routine, and I have my goal in my mind which keeps me on track.
I always enjoy doing a bit more in the training, but I love that ye always try to make me keep a little in the tank, and that I’m not crawling out the door shattered.
Every day I come in I’m fine and I’m looking forward to coming back, it’s not about coming in here to be tortured!

Every day it’s a little different, learning new exercises, and there’s so many exercises I never knew how to do, or that they even existed!
Other things I remember from the old gym, there were all these groups of people, all completely seperate, whereas in here it’s completely different, everyone’s in here together, and it feels like family.
It just feels so at ease, never worrying about if someone is looking at me, or I’m doing something wrong.

I work nearby, and it suits great as it takes no time out of my day.
A lot of lads where I work have came in for the exact same reason!