Roseann Keane

I liked running, I liked getting out there and exercising, but I didn’t really like what running was doing to my body.

Roseann Keane

I just felt like I was losing my womanly curves, but yet I still had the belly
I didn’t have a strong core, and I felt like I was looking skinny, but had a little bit of a pot belly on me.
I still loved getting out there and running, but I felt like I needed something to keep me on the straight and narrow, and of course something to do coming in to the winter

Before I was in the regular hotel gym, and it was very solo, you go in and you don’t talk to anyone.
But here, it’s social, you talk, it’s good craic!
I’d heard of weights, and combined movements and exercises, so I was eager to give it a go, and a friend recommended Foundation to me.
The hotel gym, you’d go in there, and do your thing, and you don’t know if you’re doing the right thing.
A few days a week.
But coming here, getting weighed in, getting measurements, makes you think “Hmm, where have I gone wrong, what have I done right this week”
I guess it’s a bit of a motivation factor, being weighed in, to be good!
That’s what kept me going!

At the start I guess the diet was monitored more, but I’ve seen I’m really good during the week, but I do feel like I deserve to treat myself at the weekends, so it’s a happy medium!
And that’s why I do this during the week, so I can enjoy myself during the weekend!

It’s easy, you have a plan for every week.
I train Wednesday & Friday, and in my head, I have to do it, I’m booked in
It’s a good habit, in your head you’re sorted for the week, that’s your plan.
I try to be good, but sometimes I get home from work, and by the time I get home I’m like, oh maybe not, weather depending I’lll go for a run, and even it is nice, I might just say I don’t feel like it.
But here, you’re booked in, you have to come!
And that’s a good thing!
I’ve always exercsiesd, but this time it’s different, when you have someone telling you what to do, what weights, what exercises.
People see an improvement in me, I wouldn’t see the huge improvement myself, but I guess it’s because I see myself every day!

But I do remember one of the girls was away for a few months, when she came back from Oz she couldn’t believe the change!
I don’t see it myself hugely, but I’m keeping trim!

Not going to the gym, falling out of the routine, and in a way you kind of need to be guided, to be given a push in the right direction
Some people think it’s a bit scary, but I don’t think that’s the way here at all.

Getting in to your head that you have to be somewhere, that you’re letting someone down if you’re cancelling last minute.

I do really enjoy it.
I am happier with my shape now, yes I’d like a toned stomach, but that will come with time, and the choices I’m making!